Family Owned & Operated
Since 1970

Ohio Licensed Pawnbroker PB.100101.000

2026 Delaware Ave.
Norwood, Ohio 45212

(513) 631-2112

About Us


Ted’s Pawn Shop started in 1970 as a corner grocery store that quickly grew into a general store featuring not only fresh produce, deli sandwiches, beer, cigarettes and groceries, but also hardware and firearms.

The later part of the ‘70’s saw the addition of a Precious Metal Dealers license which brought Gold & Silver into the mix. Finally in 1984 Ted’s Market became Ted’s Pawn with the addition of the Pawnbrokers license. At one location you could buy a VCR, rent a VHS or Beta tape to watch in it, get your pop, cigarettes, chips, and milk! Groceries phased out by the Mid-1990’s, with Jewelry & Electronics taking over.

2009 saw the remodel of the Forest Ave location and finally, in 2011, Ted’s moved to its 20,000 Square foot location on the corner of Montgomery & Delaware in Norwood!

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